The Iranian Nuclear deal: historic progress or strategic move and its implications for the Middle East

We want to thank everyone who came to our first big discussion for this semester. Our two guest speakers  talked in details about the implications of the deal for the Middle East and the International community. Prof Abdolmohammadi talked about the situation in Iran, why they agreed on the deal and what is the situation inside the country. Prof Driessen addressed the implications of the deal for the Middle East and US foreign policy. After that students had the chance to ask questions and engage in a discussion on the topic. We are very honored and happy that there has been such a great interest in the event and we hope to see even more people on the other very interesting guests and events that we have prepared for you this semester.

The club also used this opportunity to present our first president and co-founder Anna Butuzova with a certificate of recognition for her dedication and hard work and gave her the title of President Emeritus.

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