Upcoming Event on Donald Trump’s Triumph

On November 30th, the International Relations Society  and the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs jointly organize an event on the current U.S. elections and Trump presidency.  The event will be followed by a reception where drinks and food will be served.

Professor Federigo Argentieri speaking about Donald Trump’s election on the SkyNews24’s morning show.


On Tuesday, November 15th, Professor Federigo Argentieri was invited to discuss the US elections at the morning edition of SkyTG24, along with another guest, Vittorio Feltri, editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Libero. Professor Argentieri, who is also the director of the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs, expressed his point of view about the recent American elections and what Donald Trump’s victory is going to entail in the US domestic and foreign politics. He addressed also other issues related to the Italian situation, just like the constitutional referendum that will take place in early December and the importance of the Italian artistic heritage. Among the topics covered were also the role of the media, the first appointments of the future administration and the analysis of the vote in some key states like Pennsylvania. Prof. Argentieri stated that the first question to ask oneself is the extent to which Mr. Trump will stick to the commitments made during his campaign: the approach taken towards the so-called “Obamacare” (i.e. announcing a complete overturn and then backing off after the vote) seems to show that not all of them will be pursued.




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