Second Pizza and Politics: Catalonia

On Wednesday 11th of October, the I.R. Society hosted its second Pizza and Politics, debating the topic of the referendum over secession in Catalonia.

Moderate by our Trip Coordinator, Jessica Escobar, the Events Coordinator Toma Volozhanina and the Press Secretary Leonardo Rivalenti, the event sought to discuss whether or not there were real chances to secession and to which extent it was legitimate. Notwithstanding the fact of being in the middle of the midterms exam week, the meeting counted with the participation of a considerable number of students and even professors, among those Prof. Seth Jaffe and Prof. Michael Driessen.

Of particular relevance for the discussion, has been the introduction made by the student Katie Kehoe, who was in Catalonia during the day of the referendum for a field trip. She could therefore provide some interesting information such as the divided sentiments among the Catalans, the insufficient quorum of the refendum or the attitude of a large part of the population towards the plebiscite. All these were information that helped considerably in the conduction of the debate.

As the discussion approached the mentioned questions, in the room emerged both views favouring the secession of Catalonia, as well as views claiming the illegitimacy of the referendum and therefore favouring the maintenance of the status quo, with Catalonia as an autonomous region of Spain.

At the end, although there was no consensus between the participants, the debate resulted in an interesting discussion, showing the different opinions and positions of students and professors.


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